How Much Fat I Eat in One Day

how much fat i eat in one day

I have often said and/or thought that if a conventional doctor or similarly-minded person knew how much fat I ate in one day, they’d have a heart attack (ironic, no?). Ever since I learned about how good fat was for me and allowed myself to eat as much as I craved, I lost weight and felt amazing.

So here is a full look at how much fat I eat in one day:


Typically we have eggs scrambled in lots of butter and toast topped with lots of butter. Click here to read more breakfast ideas what we usually have.

In fact, for the sake of argument, let’s just say that whenever we eat butter, we eat lots of it. Saves me the trouble of saying “lots” so many times…

Raw milk is usually had (about 8 ounces for me) which is whole-fat milk that is unpastuerized. I also have another huge glass about mid-morning too, as a pick-me-up.

We snack on some sort of fudge after breakfast which is loaded with coconut oil (peanut butter cups, strawberry bites, peppermint patties, etc).


Usually we have sandwiches with homemade mayo (a healthy fat using olive oil and palm shortening), or leftovers warmed up and topped with butter.

Afternoon snacks are homemade ice cream (full of cream and whole milk), or fruits or veggies.


We have a wide variety of dinners, but it usually includes a meat protein, vegetable or two, and a starch (sometimes). Butter and/or coconut oil is included, sometimes bacon fat or lard. I am not afraid to fry foods often (in pastured lard or palm shortening) and we frequently have fried Alaskan cod or fried chicken. I will also try to use up the oil by making homemade chips or fries.

Often-times we stir fry vegetables in lots of expeller-pressed coconut oil.

E’s bedtime snack (most times) either consists of bread with a generous amount of butter and a bowl of applesauce, or a bowl of homemade ice cream. He usually has a glass of raw milk. Hubby and I snack on homemade mozzerella sticks (fried in lard) or grilled cheese, or ice cream. Something along those lines! We try to vary our snacks, so there really isn’t a typical snack for us (except for homemade ice cream!)

And that concludes a sample day!

Wow. After writing this, I am realizing we are eating more fats than I originally thought! Fantastic! Our skin is healthy, our energy levels are better, among other good things.

Does your family eat many healthy fats? Which are your favorites?

As you can see…ours is butter!

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24 thoughts on “How Much Fat I Eat in One Day

  1. Awesome! I was afraid to read this because…I eat a ton of fat, and was afraid I was maybe eating too much. Nope! You guys totally have me beat. :) I’ve started eating my butter as an actual food group. For example, I had bread and butter for dinner the other night, and added a very ample serving of a homemade honey and vanilla butter to a nice French bread I’d picked up when I was out earlier. Heavenly!

    Thanks for sharing, and keep in on fattin’ on!

  2. We too cook things in butter, bacon grease, or coconut oil. My husband drinks cow’s milk, but I don’t. Other ways we get different fats into our diet is with avocados, we had them on our BLT’s last night and we almost always top our eggs with them. I make a lot of nut butters as well, and we love to grab a handful of nuts when we walk by the pantry. My husband still has a hard time when I lather his toast in butter though!

    • We really need to eat more avocadoes!! Never heard of eating them with eggs, will have to try that!

      My husband has gotten used to the whole butter thing ;) . Took a while!

  3. Since I go to a lot of trouble to get raw milk from a grass fed cow to make my butter I never use it to cook things as I don’t want to destroy those essential enzymes. I reserve fat from bone stock and clean it up by boiling off the water and straining it to make tallow for cooking.

    It has been a bit of an adjustment because things cooked in butter taste so good. So, I make it up to myself by melting lots of butter over my veggies, especially corn!

  4. I love butter and fat in general, but my digestion can’t handle too much. :-( You should post your homemade ice cream recipe! I’d love to see that!

  5. I tried increasing my “good fat” intake for about a month… more butter, eggs, bacon, cheeses, etc. Unfortunately I have gained weight, and feel sluggish and bloated all the time:( I cut back the fat intake over the weekend and feel better already. What’s up with that?

    • I agree, I would cut out the dairy. Especially if it isn’t raw, grassfed dairy. When I mention all the dairy for us, most of it is raw, which helps it be digestible for us. I suppose I should have mentioned that! I would concentrate on coconut oil at first!

  6. So what is it that makes our cholestrol and triglyceride numbers get out of whack on the high end? Clearly it’s NOT butter…my doc keeps fussing at me about my numbers. And I’m a fairly organic…lots of variety…healthy type of eater…

  7. We love butter over here! The taste of deep yellow grassfed butter is amazing. Also my favorite is to roast a chicken and make a gravy with all the drippings. I remember when I used to think all these foods I loved where bad for me. So thankful that I was wrong! Great post.

  8. We eat a lot of fat too! I always feel “off” when I don’t. My hormones get all wacky and everything. I think we eat mostly fats from happy healthy animals, olive oil, and coconut oil. Mmmm.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Natural Living Monday!

  9. We eat butter, lot’s of coconut oil and other good oils. and lately I’ve been eating soo much guacamole with every meal (lots of greens) for the past 2 weeks and was starting to worry I was eating too much, but I’ve been feeling sooo good. Thanks for the article!! You need good fats!

  10. Love it Sara! My favorite fats are coconut oil and butter. My body is wierd though, some days I need and can handle lots of fat other days it makes me sick…. Resently I made my own lard! :) Thanks for sharing with Natural Living Monday! I hope you join us again this week!

  11. Thanks for this wonderful article! I am working on adding more good, (dairy free) fats to my diet, such as your fudge and strawberry bite recipes, tons of coconut oil, lard, bacon grease, and nut butters. Avocados are another fave, and something I often crave, so I’m trying to add more of those to our daily diets as well. I have found the past two weeks since I’ve been upping my daily fats that I am finally starting to have more energy (the chia seed I’m adding to almost everything is also helping, I believe). I’m on my 6th round of prednisone for my asthma in as many months, so energy levels have been pretty low. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog!!!

  12. Your fat sounds similar to ours, and I really want to try those mozzarella sticks sometime. I have two fried eggs nearly every day for breakfast, with buttered toast and either coffee or whole raw milk. Anything less, and I get too hungry before lunchtime!

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