The Toy I Never Expected to Play with My Son

the toy i never expected to play with my son

Little Boys and Masculinity

My son is three, and from the very beginning of his little life, he has always been very masculine. Everything is about throwing, running, swordfighting, shooting (see my stance on toy guns here), and anything else in-between. I have even seen him make two pears on our fruit table “swordfight” each other.

That being said, I have never expected to play anything remotely “feminine” with him. House, dolls, dress up…Barbies. Because those things are all girly, right?

I think that is where I thought wrong.

Tonight my Mom and Dad brought over a few boxes of Barbies my sisters and I had grown out of. I have the storage space and would like to save them, just in case. When they were brought over, I couldn’t help myself: I tore open the boxes and started reminiscing over all the dolls, furniture, vehicles and clothes. Elijah (my son) was just as enamoured. His little hands went right for the Ken dolls, the washing machine that swished at the push of a button, and the baby dolls.

As I watched him play with the “girly” toys I loved years ago, I realized he was being masculine, even while playing with Barbies. Ken got dressed and was the “daddy.” He drove the car, held the babies and took his wife places. Ken even took a nap, and we all had to be very quiet so that he could sleep. While Ken was sleeping Elijah quietly played with the plastic mailbox and it’s letter, the pink bicycle helmet, the bunk beds and the pretend food.

Observing him play, it dawned on me that had I been the type of mother to not let him play with these “girly” things, I would be missing out on so many teachable moments. A little boy playing with a Ken doll can learn so much about being a father, husband, and honorable man. While spending time with him, I can show him what that looks like through play. And playing with Barbies comes much more naturally to me than smashing trucks together, if I’m completely honest.

Because I think little boys playing with “girly” toys only become effeminate if a parent makes a big deal about it. Children as young as 3 don’t care about gender most of the time…just having fun. I don’t want to ruin it by limiting him.

And so I got out a bin and we put the furniture, a few Barbies, a handful of clothes and some knick-knacks into it. Yes, Elijah and I will be playing with Barbies in the future, if he so chooses.

And maybe even house, and dress up. If he can learn about being a man from Barbies, imagine what fun playing house could be! 3 is a wonderful age, and I can’t wait to explore the expanses of his growing imagination.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Rich Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream, With Title

One of my favoritest bloggers (Emily from Butter Believer) accepted this recipe as a guest post from me. I am excited to share it with you! It is Elijah’s favorite ice cream, and pretty healthy as far as desserts go!

‘Tis the season for pumpkin-flavored everything! It seems like every store around the nation is taking advantage of everyone’s deep love of pumpkin by means of pumpkin coffees, desserts, and of course, ice creams!

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How a Herdshare Works

how a herdshare works

Legalities and Loopholes

Raw Milk is illegal in many States. The law says you cannot BUY it. The government deemed it unsafe and therefore restricts our right to buy the milk we want. (Thankfully the government has recently change their minds, but the law still remains.)

There are ways we can still obtain wholesome, nutrient dense milk for our families. I have never loved a “loophole” more.

How to Legally Obtain Raw Milk

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Is Your Grass-Fertilizer Harming Your Kids?

I am excited to share this guest post with you from my 16-year old sister, Theresa! She shares some shocking facts about widely-used chemical grass fertilizers that I hope will help inform and educate. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Gil Calmon via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Gil Calmon via Compfight cc

Our Home, Our Grass, Our Health

“It’s a warm summer day. The sun is shining. There is a nice little breeze, it’s a perfect day to play outside.  John and the other neighborhood kids are playing in the lawn you just got done with the other day.  Mowing, trimming, and like always, applying your typical fertilizer.  Now as you sit back and admire all your hard work, John trips and falls in the grass.  He comes back up spitting out grass, but other than that, to you, he looks just fine.”

Do you know what is in your grass fertilizer?  On Google, you’ll read about how some people say it’s OK to use chemical grass fertilizer, even with kids and pets playing around outside.  Some say after a good rain or water, wait 24 hours and then let your kids play on it, it won’t affect them!  

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Giveaway! Great Lakes Gelatin (Pack of 2!)

kosher gelatin giveaway

I asked on Facebook, and you voted! This month, I am giving away 2 packs of Great Lakes Gelatin to one winner!

Gelatin and Its Benefits

I love Great Lakes gelatin. I love that I can add it to nearly anything, without the taste being changed. I add it to tomato sauces, soups, even stir fries! You can’t taste it! It also makes some amazing jello.

Gelatin is a wonderful way to keep your hair, skin and nails healthy, among many other things! Gelatin keeps inflammation down in the body, and is helpful to the joints. Our bodies need gelatin for good health!

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Homemade Mint Chocolate Body Butter and Bronzer (Plus DIY Organic Beauty Recipes eBook!)


DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

I feel so blessed to preview an eBook for you that I am so excited about. After all, here at Homemade Eden, I am all about everything…well, homemade!

It is hard for us women to give up our beauty products, right?? We like to look gorgeous for our husbands, lovely for our children, and present ourselves well to the world we face. 

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